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Serve with us

“I’ve never worked with a more dedicated group of teachers.”  Principal

Working and serving at an international school in a cross cultural setting is a rich experience and highly recommended by those who have experienced it.  Friendships developed often become life long as you walk through the joys and challenges of cross cultural life and adjustments together.  If you love God, challenges, and desire the adventure it would be to live in India, Metro Delhi International School could be the place for you.

Contracts & Visas

For school contract personnel, the duration of the initial contract is generally for a period of two academic years commencing on 1st July and ending on 30th June. Contracts are renewed upon mutual agreement for subsequent terms of between one and two years. Obtaining an employment visa can be a lengthy process. It may take 10-14 weeks before your visa is granted. Human Resources staff will give you advice about visas.

Travel expenses

A return flight from your country of origin to India is paid for by MDIS for internationally contracted staff members. Travel expenses for family members are negotiable and dependent on the length of contract. A renewed contract will also merit an air ticket upon completion of an additional two year contract.

Salary and Benefits

Staff members are provided with a local salary and benefits, details of which can be obtained from the Human Resources Manager (apply@mdis.net) Salaries for contract staff are paid on a MDIS international pay scale. While the pay is adequate for a comfortable lifestyle in India, the salary does not provide for huge savings. Because of the serving focus of our school and the clientele we serve, MDIS does not operate on salaries comparable to those of other international schools in Asia or Europe. Full tuition grants for up to two dependent children attending MDIS are provided. International staff are given an accommodation benefit. This either enables you to join one of our existing apartments in Delhi or choose a place to stay with other expatriates. Staff members are entitled to Hospitalisation Insurance benefits within India.

Workload & vacation

Teachers can expect around 24 out of 30 lessons per week of contact time (each lesson is 50 minutes). Student Reports Cards are prepared each quarter along with continuous formative and summative assessment in class. We ask all staff to be involved in a co-curricular activity or after-school club (which can involve team work and leading one of the school’s main events). Each semester is approximately 18-19 weeks, with a week long quarter break in between. The December/January vacation for faculty is three – four weeks, with around eight weeks in the June/July vacation.