• Metro Delhi International School


In the arena…

Serving at MDIS is a unique opportunity to grow. Not just in your teaching practice but in your world view and faith. Every day living in Delhi you will see the best and worst of humanity, and it will force you to confront the injustices and suffering that many have to endure just to survive. You will not remain the same.

The school serves an amazing group of workers who have chosen to engage with the hardest problems facing humanity. You will get to interact with this community and hear there stories and struggles, and partner with them as they go into the front lines of human suffering. We have families actively serving with the poor and vulnerable, with widows, with orphans, with human trafficking, with slavery. You will see first hand the partnerships that MDIS has with various social justice groups and how this is incorporated into the learning and development of our students.

Metro Delhi International School has a strong emphasis on character growth, moral competence, and active service. Our curriculum is infused with programs that challenge students to think critically about the world they see outside the campus walls and engage with it in meaningful and Biblical ways. Indeed, graduation from MDIS requires the logging of many hours of community service.

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