• Metro Delhi International School

Fees 2017-2018

 Fees (2017 – 2018) Indian Rs. USD (approx)
Application & Admission Test 8,000 $ 120
Admission Fee 1,00,000 $ 1,490
Tuition – Elementary School 4,96,500* $ 7,640
Tuition – Middle School 5,11,300* $ 7,870
Tuition – High School 5,26,000* $ 8,090
Special Education/ESL Levy (quarterly) 15,000 $ 225
Quarterly Stationery Fees 1,275 $ 20
From 2017-18 school year a refundable caution deposit of ₹25,000 will be charged to all families (terms and conditions apply). This is a refundable deposit to cover any outstanding damages or dues that may be owing  at the time of withdrawal or graduation from MDIS.
* Contact admissions@mdis.net to see if you qualify for financial aid.


Financial Aid

Applications for financial aid are open to ALL, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion or gender. It is based on need, not entitlement. The Paul Gillette Fund has set resources available per financial year. It is offered to parents based on:

  • review of financial statements , tax returns and bank account disclosures,
  • the ability of the school to provide aid (Fund availability),
  • priority, according to selection criteria, in comparison to other applicants, and
  • if granted, aid is available for one year at a time.

Financial Aid forms are available at the MDIS office.

Note: there is no guarantee of securing financial aid. The due date for our office to receive the Financial Aid Application is 1st March, this coming year. Email admissions@mdis.net for your application.

Fees are subject to change annually though the administration has the right to amend semesterly should the exchange rate fluctuate marginally. Most fees are non-refundable but if needed please request a Refunds Policy document from the administration, admissions@mdis.net