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Middle school students have developed foundations for learning and have begun to use higher levels of thinking and evaluation.  Our grade 8 classes are preparing our students for their four final years at school and as such homework and assignment demands are increased.

Technology is not treated as a separate subject but is integrated within the learning through the use of iPads and laptops and at the MHS level there is a BYOD programme which fosters responsibility and flexibility.

School internal Examinations

At MDIS we believe students from Grade 6 onwards must face the regular challenge of formal examinations. MDIS has a middle and high school exam week at the end of each semester with these results contributing 25% of their final year grade.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

High school students of advanced academic ability are enrolled in the AP program and sit the exams at an embassy in Delhi.


MDIS students consistently score above the USA mean on the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT).  We enter all students in these tests each March.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from MDIS, a student must earn a minimum of 22 units of credit over four years.

Course Credit

4.0 credits    Language Arts (English)
1.0 credits    Fine Arts
2.0 credits    Foreign language (Spanish)
3.0 credits    Mathematics
2.0 credits    PE & Health
3.0 credits    Sciences
3.0 credits    Social Studies
2.0 credits    Biblical Studies
2.0 credits    Electives including Service Learning Requirements

Other MDIS Graduation Requirements.

If students are speakers of English as a second language they must have passed a TOEFL and/or IELTS course and gained proficiency for international universities. This is done at the student’s own expense and done during the quarter breaks.

All students in Grades 11-12 need to have taken the PSAT/SAT or ACT if applying for Universities in USA.

Students are also required to participate in the external class programme while they are in attendance at MDIS. This is the ‘school camp’ and service-learning component*.

*Service-Learning is 40 hours of unpaid service in the community over the four years of High School. Students entering MDIS in 10th, 11th or 12th grade will be expected to account for the same number of hours.

English as a Second (additional) Language – Middle School Years

At MDIS we value the range and diversity of all of our international students. However, please note that we do not offer ESL streams in the High School (Grades 9-12). Students need to have reached a solid proficiency by the end of Grade 8 to enter High School.

For students whose first language is not English an English Proficiency Test is conducted at enrolment to determine their current ability and future and potential. These results will determine how many mainstream and ESL classes the Grade 6-8 student is placed in. At MDIS we strongly believe in the communicative approach to learning English and that speaking is key for a student to engage in a lesson. Grammar is imperative but not the beginning point for integrating into MDIS classes.

For more details on Curriculum download the MHSCurriculumGuide2015-2016