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ES | Elementary School

Learning & teaching at MDIS is designed to equip students with the skills, understanding and character needed to serve society while priming them for tertiary study.

Grade 3

Grade 3

Our small class sizes of < 18 students enhance individual instruction and help meet the needs of each student.  Students at all levels learn within the bands of: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Religious Education, Math, and Science. In addition, Music, Physical Education, Fine Arts and foreign languages (currently Hindi is the ES World language). Technology is not treated as a separate subject but is integrated within the learning through the use of iPads and laptops and at the MHS level there is a BYOD programme which fosters responsibility and flexibility.

Our staff are trained in differentiated learning skills to accommodate different learning styles. Student support services can be provided for students with specific learning needs and for those of limited English language ability (ESL). However, we require students with english as a second language to also have a home tutor for reading and speaking.

For more details on Curriculum download the ESCurriculumGuide2015-16