• Metro Delhi International School


Welcome to our school, welcome to your school.  At Metro Delhi International school we operate an educational program that is open to students irrespective of race, color or creed. Our courses of study are intended to equip students for living in contemporary society. We exist to provide academically excellent learning opportunities within a college preparatory course of study; following an American school curriculum. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) valid from 2014-2020, and what’s more MDIS is the first school in India to be recognized by this USA Accrediting body (www.acswasc.org). A High School Diploma from MDIS is your child’s pathway directly into International unversities and colleges.

To decide whether this should be your next school firstly look through our website, then come visit our campus, meet the principal and staff and watch a lesson. You’ll soon see our philosophy in action. At Metro Delhi International School we believe education is the continuing process through which children begin to develop a sense of their own worth and that this awareness develops as they grow in all areas of their life toward their fullest potential. Since every experience is a part of that process, our responsibility is to provide the opportunity for intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social growth.

Our goal is to develop in our students moral principles that result in a life of obedient response to God and His creation. We believe that a moral education is the essential base for students, and that all subjects should be taught from a world and life view which recognizes the sovereignty of God in every sphere of life and learning. Consequently, teachers in all areas will be helping their students see the spiritual dimension of their subject and the practical consequences of moral principles and faith.

Enough said. Why not come for a visit and see us in the flesh. Hope to see you soon!