• Metro Delhi International School

Mission & Values

MDIS’s mission is to provide a Biblically-based education that equips national and international students with the knowledge, character and skills to pursue both a tertiary education and their full potential. The vision is to see students and graduates as servant-leaders who will purposefully and positively influence the world.

Student Outcomes
(otherwise known as Expected Schoolwide Learning Results – ESLRs)

Confident communicators: confident in themselves, God, others & in how to communicate their knowledge and beliefs.
Holistic: broad based in order to be spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially healthy.
Leaders: active participation as team players and serving-leaders.
Original thinkers: creative and critical thinkers who learn to provide ideas and solutions to problems.
Respectful: compassionate, honest, responsible and respectful of individuals, groups & the environment.
Inquirers: life-long learners who develop their curiosity, individual talents & passion for the truth.
Diligent: industrious, exemplary and working to meet high expectations and achieve their potential.
Equipped: Acquiring the knowledge and 21st century skills to make a difference both locally and globally.