• Metro Delhi International School

About Us

Metro Delhi International School is an international school that runs an american curriculum. We are founded on christian values and all subjects are taught from a biblical worldview. The school was established in 2002 by a small group of parents who did not want to send their kids away to boarding school but still wanted a quality christian education for their children. Since then the school has grown and now serves students from kindergarten through to twelfth grade. Here is a sample of the universities our graduates have been accepted to:

  • Taylor University (USA)
  • Wheaton College (USA)
  • University of Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Liberty University (USA)
  • George Fox University (USA)
  • University of Waikato (NZ)
  • and many more…

We are proud of our heritage and proud of the unique place we have serving the christian community in Delhi. As part of this heritage, our concern is not just with the academic side of development but with character and social conscience. We take a holistic approach where values, ethics, servant leadership, etc. are prioritised and embedded in to our teaching practice. As shown in our Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs):

  • Confident: in God, in others and in themselves & in how to communicate their faith, beliefs & knowledge.
  • Holistic: broad based in order to be spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially healthy.
  • Leaders: active participation as team players and servant-leaders.
  • Original: creative and critical thinkers who learn to provide ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Respectful: compassionate, honest, responsible and respectful of individuals, groups and the environment.
  • Inquirers: life-long learners who continue to develop their curiosity, individual talents and passion for the truth.
  • Diligent: industrious, exemplary and working to meet high expectations and achieve their potential.
  • Equipped: Acquiring the knowledge and skills to make a difference both locally and globally.